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Expression Matters
original professional graphic design collage

I’m Sarah Charles and I’m a graphic designer based in North Conway, NH.  I am passionate about working with businesses on the graphic design aspect of their branding efforts to drive more business and increase customer response.

When thinking about graphic design as it relates to business, some key questions to ask:


  • Branding - Is your company’s branding inviting to your customers?

  • Communication - What is your image/marketing saying about your company?

  • Perception - How are your customers perceiving your company?

  • Communication - What message are you sending your customers?

Every day customers visit small businesses in the Mount Washington Valley.  Many of these businesses rely on homemade, or amateur images, logos, brochures and other marketing materials to convey their message.  These marketing pieces may compromise a company’s professional image and cause a customer to be reluctant to visit.

 My goal is to create a design for your logo, website, business cards, brochures, events, signage – all your branding materials – that captures the essence of what your business aims to share with an original, beautiful and clear design that attracts customers, and that you will love.

It’s not all business!

Custom invitations for weddings, parties or events can be beautifully customized to reflect the essence of you and your event, as well as any items that go along with your event – menus, stickers, signs or posters, or even awesome temporary tattoos!

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